22 August 2010

Irish Whale Watching Sunday

Today was Irish National Whale Watching Day. As I live by the sea I decided that I would toddle on and have a look. Our local group were meeting at Slea Head. Did I read the info leaflet, did I heck, got there by 5.25pm, session finished at 5pm, stopped along the way to take a walk on the beach with Tiny ( the dog) as Son after saying that he would come decided that Whale watching was not interesting enough for him, so he stayed home with hubby to watch football.

I know I did leave it abit late because I forgot it was on today.

I did remember to bring my binoculars, yeah for me! Stopped off at meeting point, all on my tod except for Tiny, but who says that whales keep to a time table. lol. Sat on the wall just looking round, watched a few fishing boats return in the bay and some pleasure craft also but not a whale to be seen. I did take my camera so here are a few 'photos I took.

These are the cliffs I was standing on.

The only bit of wild life I did see. lol.

My companion, Tiny.


Sabriel said...

lovely pics :D

Cheryl said...

Thank you for sharing your pics. Sorry you didn't see any whales but it still looks like a lovely day.

Marlene said...

I've never seen a whale, either. Boo.

Trina said...

Oh, Tiny looks like a distant cousin of my old doggie! Thanks for stopping by my <a href=">blog</a>!

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