01 December 2011

December is here

Happy December.

 I love this month in many ways, I love the excitement of the build up to the big day and the holidays. Then there is the weather, usually grey and dull lots of rain, which I do not like. I don't understand why we put ourselves under so much stress to have the biggest Christmas tree, the biggest turkey with ALL the trimming. To go out every night for the month of December and on into January. Why do we do this?  Christmas to me is about family, friends, a warm and welcoming fire and lots of TV.  Do others really care what size of tree you have or how many different types of vegetables we have on our dinner plate?
I was listening the Christmas FM last night, it is an Irish Charity station that is broadcast only at Christmas (as the name suggests :) ).  Its nice to hear Christmas music again. The first major sign that Christmas is on the way.

Even though it is December I am going to show you a card I made for Halloween, yep nothing like keeping up with the seasons. lol
This is a card I sent to a friend. I must confess that the only scary thing about this card is the color!
I sent one like it to another friend, Bridget, but she never received it, bummer! What is up with the mail these times. Bridget's card had same image but the dress was colored in purple and the backing paper was black. The border on the edge was also purple. The sentiment reads, "Have a Brooming Great" and "Halloween" is on the inside.

Backing Paper: Halloween Crackle Paper,
(it was a freebie that I picked up a few years ago but never kept the source.)
Other Paper: Ordinary card from stash
Image: Bewitched - Sassy Designs.
Coloring Medium: ProMarkers
Die Cut: Spellbinders Nestabilities Labels 4
Border: Martha Stewart - Scollop Dots
Embossing Folder: Cuttlebug - Herringbone
Sentiment: Computer generated

Hope you like,

23 November 2011


Just want to wish all my American readers a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you all find lots to be thank full for.

This is a card I sent out last year. The backing paper is a freebie but I cannot remember from whom, if anyone knows, please let me know as I would like to give credit where credit is due.
The image is a download from Google.  I coloured it with my promarkers  and glittered it up with Glitz glitter glue. The little flower heads are from my stash, I have them so long, I am sure they are budding again. lol The sentiment is computer printed and die cut with Nestabilities Fancy Tags.

P.S. The sentiment is "Happy Thanksgiving".

Hope you like,

21 November 2011

It's Monday.

It's Monday. So? So it is the beginning of a new work week and I have made a decision regarding my work V craft time. As I pointed out yesterday, I am no where ready for the festive season that is fast approaching so I have decided to divide my day in 3, morning - house work, afternoon - crafting while helping Sonny with his homework and while he is playing, than evening - either crafting or catching up on here.
This is our 6th Christmas since we adopted Sonny and in that time, we have had only one Christmas day here. Other Christmases we have traveled to Limerick to family on Christmas day. It's great, no cooking but it is nice to spend the day here at home. Therefore, I have to do a big clean out of the house, and I detest house-work but it has to be done. :( Anybody care to help?

The following is a card I made.  The verse is one that hangs in my mother home and I seem to read it every time I visit her and I thought it would make a lovely sentiment for a card. I just googled it when I got home and printed it out from there. I had some "fun" trying to line it up so it would appear in the aperture windows created by Spellbinders labels 4. I used MME Wild Asparagus backing paper and embossed it with a Cuttlebug embossing folder. The ribbon is a Martha Stewart ribbon.  The little flourishes are a Waltzing Mouse Stamp from the Very Vintage Labels No. 4 set. I stamped them first in pink than again with a clear embossing pad, sprinkled some clear embossing powder and heat embossed them to give them a little 3D effect. I used some clear gems just for some bling.

Designer Paper: My Minds Eye - Wild Asparagus
Aperture: Spellbinders Label 4 Die Cut
 Cuttlebug Folder: Victoria
Stamp: Waltzing Mouse - Very Vintage Labels No. 4
Ribbon: Martha Stewart
Bling: Clear Gems.

Hope you like,

20 November 2011

No Christmas cards ready yet......

Yeah! I had the whole day to myself. No hubby or Sonny to look after, checking to see that he (Sonny) was not swinging out of the light fittings or watching too much TV. I was going to make a start on my Christmas cards and maybe a gift or two. But instead of doing that, I got lost in blog land, why does this always happen to me? But I did come across a wonderfully written blog, not craft related at all, the blog is written by a Doctor, a GP, and he talks of the people he encounters in his day to day clinic.  He just describes the suffering some people go through and the strenght these people have. The love of those around them and how it helps the sufferer. It was just so beautifully written and from the heart, I could not stop reading.

This week I have to get down to business and get some Christmas stuff done. I should have time, as my part-time job is coming to an end for the season, that's the problem with working and living in a tourist area, the jobs dry up for the winter.

Since the Secret Pal swap has finished on PCP, I have received some other gifts and cards from both my Anonymous Friend and the person I was Special Friend too.
The first is from the person I was sending to as Special Friend, Anne, in fact I received it before the "big Reveal" she had guessed it was me.

The second photo is a "load" of goodies I received from Maria who was my Anonymous Friend for the year.

Thank you both, I love both the packages.

Hope you like,

11 October 2011

Reveal Day has come and gone.

As a follow on from the previous posts, I have now found out who my SP is and my AF is. This was revealed and confirmed yesterday.
It was such a fun year for most involved, especially if we followed the discussion thread. As people received mail from their SPs they posted photos on the thread so all could "oggle" the new cards and gifts.

My SP or Secret Pal was Rita Hartsock, she sent the most gorgeous cards and gifts, I will be using the stash she sent for a long time to come.
Then my AF or Anonymous Friend was Maria Rudolph from Germany. Not alone was she my AF but she has become a friend and has being sending me cards as herself, how hard was that. lol


Today, I am showing you the Easter Cards that I received not just from my AF, but Maria and Easter Bunny. but the first card is from "Coles World Traveller" this is another one of the cards that I received from someone that I did know!

 These are the Easter cards that I received. The first card is from Anonymous Friend.

 Maria sent me this card. A basket of bunnies, so cute.

 This is from The Easter Bunny!

Hope you like,

08 October 2011

Sad but not down hearted.

I did not get up this morning to watch the match (scroll down and see last post) but Ireland still lost to Wales. :(
Well done Wales, continue to play like you did today and you will go far.

Todays installment brings us to St. Patrick's Day. In this lot I received cards from Leprechauns that don't even have proper names. lol.

First up, is a card from My Anonymous Friend. Four leaf Clover is dry embossed and then coloured in different green colours. The image is a really cute House Mouse Stamp (I think, if I am wrong let me know and I will correct).

 Next up is from 1/2 Irish Leprechaun. I really like this card the backing paper, just behind the sentiment is hand made. It is divided into grids and each little square in stamped with a single shamrock and a little group of shamrock. I also like the way the sentiment is "torn" and inked.

Lastly (but only because this is how they were uploaded) is from Leprechaun #13. This is special because of the 3D printed sentiment on velum. Velum is something I have not tried using but would love to give a go. An other thing added to my ever extending "to try" list. lol It also has a lucky leprechaun on the inside, not shown here.

See I told you they were weirdly named. lol

Hope you like,

07 October 2011

Slow brain night!

Tonight my computer is going very slow but that's ok as my brain matches it. lol

For tonight we have, taada:

Valentines Cards.
The first one here is from my Anonymous Friend. The "smiley" heart in the middle is heat embossed and is really shiny and raised. Nicely tactile.
 The photo above and below are part of my SPs Valentines package. I love ribbon and she has sent me loads which I just love. Aren't the big hearts so cute?
 This card in from ???? I still do not have a clue, and it was not from my hubby or Sonny. Its a mystery! But a lovely card. I really like the heart embossed border down the side. Thank you who ever you are for sending it. xoxoxo

I have a busy day ahead tomorrow.  It could start as early as 6am (but will not), Ireland are playing Wales in the Rugby World Cup at that time, but as it's being played in New Zealand the time is perfect for them. I find that any time I watch an important match the team I support looses, so that is the reason I am staying in bed in the morning. That's my excuse and I am sticking to it!!! lol

After the excitement of the match there is junior rugby practice to attend but I will only be there for a few minutes as I have to go to a neighbours house for "The Stations".
This is where Mass is said in the house and the local villagers are welcome to attend. "The Stations" passes from one house to another twice a year. We had our a few years ago and will not have it again for another decade or so. It is a very big thing here. The house in which "The Stations" are being held in usually gets painted and decorated. All the best china and silver is taken out cleaned and used for the day because after Mass has being said, there is food and lovely things to eat for all. Yummy!

After that, (if I can still stand. lol) I have to go to the local town to help with a flag day to raise funds for our - yes you have guessed it - our Rugby club. lol  It will be Rugby from morning to night tomorrow. Lucky us!

Hope you like,

06 October 2011

What happened to yesterday?!

Yeah! What happened to yesterday, I had intended to post each day but yesterday passed me by in a blink. :( Not funny at all.
Oh! Yes I watched "Twilight" it was on TV last night. Doh! The Books are so much better. I think that goes for all books V films. I cannot think of one film that was better than the book. Let me know if you think of any and we can discuss - only joking about the discussing part. :)

I want to welcome my new followers, I still notice the new "faces" popping up in my followers list. I shall be back to visit you. lol


This is my birthday card and gift I received from  my SP.  I have used the little monkey note book to write down information about my fathers family I am trying to do a genealogy search for him, it is interesting but very time consuming.

I have seen this type of "stringy" twine before but I often wondered how to use it on a card and here it is used perfectly. It feels so soft and gives a blizzard effect. Beautiful.

I also received this superb calendar. Each month has its own page with complementary embellishments. It is sitting on my desk and it is most useful. It all stands (when not spread out like this) on a CD disc cover. I will be ordering another for next year! lol

Hope you like,

04 October 2011

Second installment of SPs cards.

Very imaginative name for a post! But as it says here is the second installment of cards I received over the past year.

I have now come to Christmas and my Birthday, these cards and pressies are from my Anonymous Friend.  Cannot wait to find out who she is. I love the tri-fold card and I have since made a few of them, even Hubby was impressed with in!

 This is the Christmas Card that came with the package. Aren't the dancing Santas so cute. I have since found out that they are Nellie Snellen dies.

Hope you like,

03 October 2011

Secret Pals!

A year ago, well 51 weeks ago to be precise, I decided to take part in a year long Secret Pals swap over on Paper Craft Planet's Anything Goes Discussion. During the past year I have made lots of virtual friends and received lots of lovely cards and presents from my Secret Pal and other still unknown people.
As the year will be up next Monday, 10th October, I would love to share the creations that I received and also if I have time show you some of the creations I made using items for the presents I received.

This is one of the first cards I received from an "Anonymous Friend", look at all the colorful snowflakes she sent along to me. When I received this card, we did not have any snow yet but by the end of the winter we had too much show. lol But that does not take away from the lovely snowflakes here.

This card is the first I received from my "official" Secret Pal. The card is lovely, but I have to still figure out if the image is to represent me at my computer or is a clue to what my SP (Secret Pal) does for a living! It is coming up to the season where I can use some of the gifts she sent. Looking forward to that.

I just want to add, to this post, an update on your "chimney sweep" fiasco. See here for initial post. Today BIL came and got down the brush from the chimney that has being stuck up there for the past 2 weeks. Because of that we have not being able to light a fire in the house. Luckily the weather did not warrant a fire yet! Phew. lol

Hope you like,

22 September 2011

Nothing to show....... yet!

Hi all,
I have gotten myself involved in our local Rugby club as secretary.  I have never being secretary of a club before so I am learning as I go, but it is fun and time consuming.  As it's the beginning of the Rugby season here there are things like membership forms to get out and back in, with payment and all that has to be recorded. Then there are the new players to be registered, that has to be done before the players can play a competitive game so it is rush, rush, rush atm.

Also my BIL has being very ill over the past few months and he is back in hospital again.  He was taken in, this time, with a suspected stroke.  He is only 56 yrs way to young for anything like that.  He did have a bleed on the brain but luckily it has stopped and there does not seem to be any lasting effects. Sonny and I are heading to see the family this weekend. My BIL is in the right place to be looked after but I worry about my sister and how she is coping.

In the mean time I have being busy crafting away but, I cannot show anything at the moment -  its all a secret!
Intriguing isn't it. lol

13 September 2011

Our Weekend visitor

We, here in Ireland, had a visitor over the weekend. Not a very popular one but nevertheless she arrived. I am talking about "Hurricane" Katia. She blew up for the Caribbean thankfully never really hit the East Coast of the US but instead swept across the Atlantic loosing most of her power and force so by the time she reached us she had being down graded to a storm with winds gusting up to 122km/h (66 knots). She landed in  the northwest of the country and crossed over us and headed for Scotland and Northern England.  It has since dissipated over the North Sea.

After experiencing some of the gusts here in the South of the Country that where quite strong, and seeing the disruption she caused in the Northern parts of the Country I just cannot imagine what it feels like to have a full blown hurricane rip through our home. My thoughts and prayers go to all those in other parts of the world that experience much more than we have over the weekend.

Here are a few photos I took yesterday.

05 September 2011

Mag installment 2 ......

It has been some time since I added a card from my magazine pile. Well, it is one that I made a while ago but I forgot to add it. :0

This was very easy to put together.   Most of the items were freebies from the mag, all I had to do was cut it out and put it together, add the ribbon and the flower.  It is such a cutie IRL, lol I just love the little puppies expression. "What am I to do with this card, not eat it!", he seems to be saying. LOL.

The weather here has turned autumnal suddenly after all the sun and warmth last week, we are having heavy winds and lots of rain here today. Bummer! As usual we waited to the last minute to get the chimney cleaned as it is beginning to be fire weather.
Hubby went and got the brushes today and started cleaning. He was nearly finished when he came to me and said "I have a bit of a problem!" Oh! no, I thought, the room is covered in soot. But his "bit of a problem" is a little more serious, the actual brush is stuck up the chimney, it had come unattached from the poles and he could not dislodge it.
We now have to wait until next week when my BIL can come and climb on the roof and try poking down from the top.  We live in a two story house and the roof is very steep, I don't like heights and hubby cannot climb ladders due to a foot injury he sustained after a motor bike accident many years ago. I do hope BIL can come sooner and the wind has died down enough for him to climb the roof.
Its kind of funny when you think of it but hubby is in a bit of a strop over it. lol (Hope he does not read this before we have fire. hehe)

I have added a blog badge to my side bar. It is for a new Irish Crafting Online mag (might get new inspiration from there too :)) pop over and have a look.

Hope you like,

01 September 2011

Procrastinator Cheetah!

I was to update last night but I had to go to a Rugby Club AGM, I am now the secretary of the club, don't know what I have let myself in for but will find out soon enough. ......

Sorry about that, I was disturbed and had to go and play "fetch" with Tiny, the dog. "Fetch" finished early as I lost the ball in the hedge. lol

This is a card that I finished in a rush but had lots of time to do it in. I am a major procrastinator! Last minute Vicky is what I should be called. :(
Anyway back to card. 
The "Cheetah" paper is actually gift wrap. When I saw it I thought it could make nice backing paper for an animal card.
This is a "crisscross" card closed with a belly-band which is decorated with nestabilities circles and scalloped circle and a cheetah image. I edged the edges with narrow lace ribbon.

This is the inside of the card, I just used my PC word processing software to create the sentiment.

I entered this card into PCP monthly challenge.

Card Stock: Core'dinations - Vintage Collection.
Lace: Stash
Image: Google!
Coloring medium: ProMarkers
"Designer Paper": Wrapping Paper.
Dies: SpellbindersNnestabilities Circle and Scollop Circles

Hope you like,

29 August 2011

Back to earth with a bang.....

Well, tomorrow is the start of the school year. Summer is over and Sonny starts his final year in primary school, (please do not ask the equivalent years for other countries as I do not know, but he is 12 that may help)
Today we spent the morning cleaning his room, every week he changes his bed linen and vacuums the room but he never dusts or tidies under the bed or behind stuff. I think I am lucky that he does as much as he does. lol. I had wanted to do this all summer but he never wanted to, naturally, who wants to take their room apart and clean it during the holidays? So today had to be the day, the last day of hols. We had some words about it this morning so hubby and I started, but, eventually he came in little by little to help. Think he was afraid that we would throw out some things he wanted to keep. :) Going to bed tonight he was happy and said that his room smelt clean!
Tomorrow is back to alarm clocks, lunches and getting breakfasts, yep, back to work!

As usual the day before the schools re-open the weather clears up, today was no exception. We had a beautiful sunny warm day. The sky was blue as was the sea and even the breeze was balmy. It is days like today that remind me just how wonderful the place I choose to live in is.

Here is a simple and quick card that I would like to share with you all today.
I tore a square of white card stock than inked the edges with Distress ink. I stamped the lower part of the cardstock with a Waltzingmouse background stamp. The sentiment layer is also stamped with a Waltzingmouse stamp then cut out with Spellbinders Nestability Label 4 tag before layering this on the background I added some lace ribbon.  I then attached it to a square card blank. There is no "bling" on this card, I just wanted a quick and simple card but an elegant one.

Card Blank: Anita's square card blank
Dies: Nestabilities Label 4 Tags
Sentiment: Papermania
Ink: Whispers- Blue Azure and Tim Holtz Old Paper
Stamps: Waltzingmouse Pic-Nik Patterns and Very Vintage Labels No. 4
Ribbon: KaiserCraft - Lace Pack (Natural)
Hope you like,

25 August 2011

Another Butterfly Card

A PCP friend has thrown down the gauntlet by suggesting that I update my blog! Well she is right. I know that I posted yesterday, but I really should post more often.

I said in a few post back that I was going to use some magazines that I bought as inspiration. All I did, so far, was to go through them and mark the pages that interested me, at least it is a start, now I just have to continue making the cards. lol

This card is NOT inspired by any of the magazines but by a blog post by Susan Raihala who owns Simplicity. Susan makes the most wonderful CAS cards and I have being lurking on her blog for some time. The following card is influenced by Susan.  Thank you Susan for you inspiration.

I cut an A4 card in half, length ways and folded it in two to make the long card blank. With the other half of the A4 sheet I cut a rectangle shape and using my Spellbinders Butterfly Shapeability set I cut and embossed a butterfly. I mounted this rectangle on to the most lovely colored and glittered paper, the photo or any photo I took, does not do this paper justice. It is a rich teal colour and so glittered. Its Yummy! While the butterfly was still in the die, I used embossing glue and sprinkled glamour dust on to it and let it dry.
I mounted the yummy paper on to the card blank, I then stamped the sentiment and glittered this also. Once the card was finished I added the butterfly on a 3D foam pad.

Card: A4 Card pack
Yummy Paper (lol):  DCWV Hippie Chic
Glitter: DecoArt Glamour Dust - Crystal
Dies: Spellbinders Butterfly Two Shapebilities
Sentiment: Papermania

Hope you like,

24 August 2011

What happened to Summer.....

And I don't just mean about the weather but the last 8 weeks? Sonny got his summer hols from school at the end of June, a whole summer of free time spread out before us and now it is all, but gone. This time next week he will have finished his second day of school. Boo Hoo! It means back to getting up earlier, making lunch, then homework after school and getting him to go to bed ON TIME. That's enough about the future, what have I being up to over the summer, in a nut shell  not-a-lot.
Hubby and I did get to go to visit my sister and family in England. They were having a party and we popped over for a few days. One of the reasons for the party was to celebrate their move into a new house, just over a year ago.  Their new home is just so picturesque.  It is a type of house you can only get in England, a small cottage built centuries ago. It is so quirky inside, all the ceiling heights are different and the stairs is enclosed in a cupboard and very low. But beautiful. The garden there, is out of this world. The whole setting reminds me of a setting in "Midsummer Murders" or an "Inspector Poirot" film.
Here is a photo of the house, I just love it!

I love my sister and BIL very much but I was kind of wondering whether or not they really wanted us there at all, for this is where we slept. Yes, outside in the shed!

But to be honest, it was nicely decorated and we even had our own lounge area with couch and coffee table.

It became know as the Beach House or the Honeymoon Suite!

I, naturally, had to send her a Thank You card after coming home!

The butterfly I got over there, in shop called "The Fuff-a-Torium" isn't it a wonderful name, it is mainly for felting and knitting but I snagged some of these and others like it. They may pop up in some other cards over the next few months.
The butterfly is attached to the frame by 3D foam pads. The frame is created using my nestabilities circle die cuts and cuttlebug behind the butterfly is some acetate so it looks like the butterfly is flying through the hole.

Card Blank: Anita's square card blank
Designer Paper: DCWV Hippie Chic
Dies: Nestabilities Circles and Scalloped Circles
Sentiment: Papermania
Ink: Whispers
Buterfly: The Fuff-a-Torium

Hope you like,

14 July 2011

Magazine inspired 1

Here is my first Magazine inspired card. Yahoo! The magazine I got my inspiration from is "Cardmaking and Papercraft" issue 93. The card that influenced my "creation" was a wedding card but as I already pointed out in an earlier post, I do not have any weddings to go to this year so I changed it to a birthday card.  It is already in the post of a member of the Cara Craft Supplies forum Birthday Club.  Hope it got to her on time. :)

Card Stock: Stash
Designer Paper: DCWV Cardstock Stack - Brights, Cosmo Cricket - Earlie Bird
Flower: Cosmo Cricket - Earlie Bird
Sentiment: Papermania - Sentiments
Chalks: Dovecraft Decorative Chalks - Pastel
Gems: Stash

Hope you like,

09 July 2011

Not a "Mag" card.....

I should have know that I could not do a card a day while Sonny is on his holidays.  The day after I posted the last post, we went away for a few days so that put an end to starting my new project straight away.

I am here today, not to post a card I made but one I received from a "pal" from Cara CraftSupplies forum

Isn't it great?  Di, she loves owls and these owls are "paper punched" as is the chicken on the front.

I love it, Di, thanks a million.

Hope you like,

28 June 2011

Too many mags!

I have bought "a few!" magazines over the past year, now, I enjoy reading them and looking at all the cards but I just seem to read them and put them away to gather dust. NO MORE.

I have decided to pull them all out again and make at least one card from each magazine each day over the next few weeks/months.  This could be difficult as Sonny has gotten his summer holidays today so time in the craft room will be limited.

We will see how it goes!

No! This is not the first installment, I will start tomorrow. This is a card I made last year.


Green backing paper: DCWV Card stock Stack
First scalloped layer: As above
Second scalloped layer: My Minds Eye - "Wild Asparagus"
Stamp: Dovecraft Designer Clear Stamps - "Fantasy Fairies"
Flower: My Minds Eye - "Wild Asparagus" Decoupage Pad
Die Cutting: Nestabilities Oval and Oval Scallops
Ribbon: Stash

26 June 2011


This is what happens when you post to the blog without first taking notes on the cards you are posting about.  I never take note of what I use while I am making my cards so when it comes to posting about them on the blog I have to go back and check what "ingredients" I used to create a card -  this is the result. A table full of products to get their details. LOL. It looks like a wind ripped through my craft room.
While the "wind" was ripping through the craft room inside, it was also creating havoc outside. The trampoline usually lives on this side of the hedge but it took off in the wind and landed right way up on the other side.  Had to warn the cattle, in the field, to stay off but if they really needed to go bouncing they must first clean their hoofs. lol 

We only have the trampoline a short time and it was tied down as securely as we thought it needed at this time of year, but with the weather we have had so far this summer, we have had to take down the safety net. That means that Sonny cannot use it and he is not happy about that, we have to get stronger poles for the safety netting so will take awhile to re-install!

Oh! the joys of living by the coast!

Hope you like,

24 June 2011

Doodle Dog.

Isn't this image cute, it is of a "Doodle Dog". Now to be honest, I never heard of this breed of dog until very recently but the person I made this card for has a "Doodle" so I looked it up.  They are really cute. They are a cross between a Labrador and a Poodle. Just so cute. awwwwwwww But not as cute as our own little Tiny, (check profile photo).

This is a Tri-fold Shutter Card, here is the tutorial that I used for measurements. I love the paper she used on her card.

Card Stock: Stash
Embossing: Cuttlebug folders
Dies: Nestabilities "Fancy Tags" & "Labels 4"
Ribbon: Recycled from a Chocolate Box
Image: Google
Colors: ProMarkers

Hope you like,

Flower Power

Another Birthday card, this time for a friend in the US. This is a Dalia flower card. Got the idea from here but I get the tutorial from Dawn here.  I used a 2" circle punch, as it is the only size I have :(, so it is a little bigger than the other 2 links and because of that you can notice little gaps between the petals. The Bee is a children's button with the back cut off.

Card Blank: Anita's square card blank
Back ground: DCWV Card stock Stack
Embossed layer: Cutterbug folders
Ink: Whispers Ink Pads
Flower: Core'dinations Vintage Collection

Hope you like,

Side Step Card.

This is a birthday card I made for my niece. She is just a the age where clothes and jewellery are everything.
The paper clip in keeping the wardrobe door closed. Once opened there is room for greeting.

Card Stock: A pack I got from a friend.
Pink Back ground paper: DCWV Textured Card stock Stack.
Designer paper: Papermania "Sweet Nothing" Paper Pack
Dress: Don't know!
Gems: K&Company received from my Secret Pal on Paper Craft Planet
Paper clip: Stash! lol

Here is a photo with the "doors" opened and the greeting space visible.

Hope you like,

23 June 2011

When is a card not a card?

When it is something like this! lol

Its a tri-folder sachet holder "thingy". I made this for a lovely lady who was going through a tough time. The two outside sleeves hold sachets of Hot Chocolate while the center has space for a greeting - which in this case I had written before I photographed the "thing"

I googled a "Hot Chocolate" poem and I came up with this,


You can't beat the feeling
Of the warm glass mug
Around your hands
Cozy and snug
Sipping the hot drink
Froth on your nose
Sometimes you sit and think
With this mug on your lap
Furling your brow
Eyes wandering... tap, tap, tap

The chocolate is sweet
It tickles your tongue
Reminding you of times
When you were young
When it's nearly gone
The best part is coming soon
The chocolaty syrup
Forgotten at the bottom by the spoon
Rebecca Kelwaski

I particularly like this poem because it COULD have being something I wrote, some parts rhyming, others making no sense but gives a lovely warm feeling. lol

Main Card Stock: Core'dinations Vintage Collection, Reminsce
Inside Backing Paper and Paper under image on front: Digi download from Bearly Mine Crafts
Ribbon: Local Haberdashery shop

Sorry the photos are not so clear, must check my settings.

Hope you like,