11 October 2011

Reveal Day has come and gone.

As a follow on from the previous posts, I have now found out who my SP is and my AF is. This was revealed and confirmed yesterday.
It was such a fun year for most involved, especially if we followed the discussion thread. As people received mail from their SPs they posted photos on the thread so all could "oggle" the new cards and gifts.

My SP or Secret Pal was Rita Hartsock, she sent the most gorgeous cards and gifts, I will be using the stash she sent for a long time to come.
Then my AF or Anonymous Friend was Maria Rudolph from Germany. Not alone was she my AF but she has become a friend and has being sending me cards as herself, how hard was that. lol


Today, I am showing you the Easter Cards that I received not just from my AF, but Maria and Easter Bunny. but the first card is from "Coles World Traveller" this is another one of the cards that I received from someone that I did know!

 These are the Easter cards that I received. The first card is from Anonymous Friend.

 Maria sent me this card. A basket of bunnies, so cute.

 This is from The Easter Bunny!

Hope you like,


Birdie said...

Vicky, I confess first card is from me. Ace is making me come clean on the Cole's World Traveler moniker. She actually saved the envelope. What a brat! But last one I am admitting to.

Vicky said...

Isn't she the Miss Marple of PCP? lol

Anne-Marie said...

Aren't they all wonderful?
Vicky, you asked about the paper my holly leaves are printed on....I use the graphics and design (glossy) from Staples....think it's about £6.50 a pack, but lasts for ages.

Christy said...

Vicky now I can be a "stalker" too! LoL! I looove your blog! All your cards are fantastic :)


Faye said...

Fabby selection of cards, lucky you. xxx

Anne-Marie said... asked about the colour green I used on "Gwen's Umbrella"'s a Promarker, Pear Green, with a touch of Bright Green.....I NEED YOUR SNAIL MAIL ADDRESS...pretty please!

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