06 October 2011

What happened to yesterday?!

Yeah! What happened to yesterday, I had intended to post each day but yesterday passed me by in a blink. :( Not funny at all.
Oh! Yes I watched "Twilight" it was on TV last night. Doh! The Books are so much better. I think that goes for all books V films. I cannot think of one film that was better than the book. Let me know if you think of any and we can discuss - only joking about the discussing part. :)

I want to welcome my new followers, I still notice the new "faces" popping up in my followers list. I shall be back to visit you. lol


This is my birthday card and gift I received from  my SP.  I have used the little monkey note book to write down information about my fathers family I am trying to do a genealogy search for him, it is interesting but very time consuming.

I have seen this type of "stringy" twine before but I often wondered how to use it on a card and here it is used perfectly. It feels so soft and gives a blizzard effect. Beautiful.

I also received this superb calendar. Each month has its own page with complementary embellishments. It is sitting on my desk and it is most useful. It all stands (when not spread out like this) on a CD disc cover. I will be ordering another for next year! lol

Hope you like,


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