22 September 2011

Nothing to show....... yet!

Hi all,
I have gotten myself involved in our local Rugby club as secretary.  I have never being secretary of a club before so I am learning as I go, but it is fun and time consuming.  As it's the beginning of the Rugby season here there are things like membership forms to get out and back in, with payment and all that has to be recorded. Then there are the new players to be registered, that has to be done before the players can play a competitive game so it is rush, rush, rush atm.

Also my BIL has being very ill over the past few months and he is back in hospital again.  He was taken in, this time, with a suspected stroke.  He is only 56 yrs way to young for anything like that.  He did have a bleed on the brain but luckily it has stopped and there does not seem to be any lasting effects. Sonny and I are heading to see the family this weekend. My BIL is in the right place to be looked after but I worry about my sister and how she is coping.

In the mean time I have being busy crafting away but, I cannot show anything at the moment -  its all a secret!
Intriguing isn't it. lol

13 September 2011

Our Weekend visitor

We, here in Ireland, had a visitor over the weekend. Not a very popular one but nevertheless she arrived. I am talking about "Hurricane" Katia. She blew up for the Caribbean thankfully never really hit the East Coast of the US but instead swept across the Atlantic loosing most of her power and force so by the time she reached us she had being down graded to a storm with winds gusting up to 122km/h (66 knots). She landed in  the northwest of the country and crossed over us and headed for Scotland and Northern England.  It has since dissipated over the North Sea.

After experiencing some of the gusts here in the South of the Country that where quite strong, and seeing the disruption she caused in the Northern parts of the Country I just cannot imagine what it feels like to have a full blown hurricane rip through our home. My thoughts and prayers go to all those in other parts of the world that experience much more than we have over the weekend.

Here are a few photos I took yesterday.

05 September 2011

Mag installment 2 ......

It has been some time since I added a card from my magazine pile. Well, it is one that I made a while ago but I forgot to add it. :0

This was very easy to put together.   Most of the items were freebies from the mag, all I had to do was cut it out and put it together, add the ribbon and the flower.  It is such a cutie IRL, lol I just love the little puppies expression. "What am I to do with this card, not eat it!", he seems to be saying. LOL.

The weather here has turned autumnal suddenly after all the sun and warmth last week, we are having heavy winds and lots of rain here today. Bummer! As usual we waited to the last minute to get the chimney cleaned as it is beginning to be fire weather.
Hubby went and got the brushes today and started cleaning. He was nearly finished when he came to me and said "I have a bit of a problem!" Oh! no, I thought, the room is covered in soot. But his "bit of a problem" is a little more serious, the actual brush is stuck up the chimney, it had come unattached from the poles and he could not dislodge it.
We now have to wait until next week when my BIL can come and climb on the roof and try poking down from the top.  We live in a two story house and the roof is very steep, I don't like heights and hubby cannot climb ladders due to a foot injury he sustained after a motor bike accident many years ago. I do hope BIL can come sooner and the wind has died down enough for him to climb the roof.
Its kind of funny when you think of it but hubby is in a bit of a strop over it. lol (Hope he does not read this before we have fire. hehe)

I have added a blog badge to my side bar. It is for a new Irish Crafting Online mag (might get new inspiration from there too :)) pop over and have a look.

Hope you like,

01 September 2011

Procrastinator Cheetah!

I was to update last night but I had to go to a Rugby Club AGM, I am now the secretary of the club, don't know what I have let myself in for but will find out soon enough. ......

Sorry about that, I was disturbed and had to go and play "fetch" with Tiny, the dog. "Fetch" finished early as I lost the ball in the hedge. lol

This is a card that I finished in a rush but had lots of time to do it in. I am a major procrastinator! Last minute Vicky is what I should be called. :(
Anyway back to card. 
The "Cheetah" paper is actually gift wrap. When I saw it I thought it could make nice backing paper for an animal card.
This is a "crisscross" card closed with a belly-band which is decorated with nestabilities circles and scalloped circle and a cheetah image. I edged the edges with narrow lace ribbon.

This is the inside of the card, I just used my PC word processing software to create the sentiment.

I entered this card into PCP monthly challenge.

Card Stock: Core'dinations - Vintage Collection.
Lace: Stash
Image: Google!
Coloring medium: ProMarkers
"Designer Paper": Wrapping Paper.
Dies: SpellbindersNnestabilities Circle and Scollop Circles

Hope you like,