22 September 2011

Nothing to show....... yet!

Hi all,
I have gotten myself involved in our local Rugby club as secretary.  I have never being secretary of a club before so I am learning as I go, but it is fun and time consuming.  As it's the beginning of the Rugby season here there are things like membership forms to get out and back in, with payment and all that has to be recorded. Then there are the new players to be registered, that has to be done before the players can play a competitive game so it is rush, rush, rush atm.

Also my BIL has being very ill over the past few months and he is back in hospital again.  He was taken in, this time, with a suspected stroke.  He is only 56 yrs way to young for anything like that.  He did have a bleed on the brain but luckily it has stopped and there does not seem to be any lasting effects. Sonny and I are heading to see the family this weekend. My BIL is in the right place to be looked after but I worry about my sister and how she is coping.

In the mean time I have being busy crafting away but, I cannot show anything at the moment -  its all a secret!
Intriguing isn't it. lol


Anne-Marie said...

Not intriguing....annoying!!!
Rugby players.....yum...haaaa!

Petra said...

How exciting, to be part of the Rugby goings on! Sorry to hear about your BIL Vicky, hopefully he will recover quickly. Prayers for all of you as you deal with the scariness of it all.
Looking forward to seeing what you have been working on :)

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