13 September 2011

Our Weekend visitor

We, here in Ireland, had a visitor over the weekend. Not a very popular one but nevertheless she arrived. I am talking about "Hurricane" Katia. She blew up for the Caribbean thankfully never really hit the East Coast of the US but instead swept across the Atlantic loosing most of her power and force so by the time she reached us she had being down graded to a storm with winds gusting up to 122km/h (66 knots). She landed in  the northwest of the country and crossed over us and headed for Scotland and Northern England.  It has since dissipated over the North Sea.

After experiencing some of the gusts here in the South of the Country that where quite strong, and seeing the disruption she caused in the Northern parts of the Country I just cannot imagine what it feels like to have a full blown hurricane rip through our home. My thoughts and prayers go to all those in other parts of the world that experience much more than we have over the weekend.

Here are a few photos I took yesterday.


Anne-Marie said...

Jonathan and Tanys were in Bangor, but got safely back today.
They said that the front of the car was actually lifted, when they were driving on a dual carriageway, and it scared the heck out of 'em!
Was quite bad here, and we have some fencing down,and some garden furniture thrown around, but, as you say, it pales in comparison with what other people have suffered.
Stay safe, Vicky!

Amy said...

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