11 October 2011

Reveal Day has come and gone.

As a follow on from the previous posts, I have now found out who my SP is and my AF is. This was revealed and confirmed yesterday.
It was such a fun year for most involved, especially if we followed the discussion thread. As people received mail from their SPs they posted photos on the thread so all could "oggle" the new cards and gifts.

My SP or Secret Pal was Rita Hartsock, she sent the most gorgeous cards and gifts, I will be using the stash she sent for a long time to come.
Then my AF or Anonymous Friend was Maria Rudolph from Germany. Not alone was she my AF but she has become a friend and has being sending me cards as herself, how hard was that. lol


Today, I am showing you the Easter Cards that I received not just from my AF, but Maria and Easter Bunny. but the first card is from "Coles World Traveller" this is another one of the cards that I received from someone that I did know!

 These are the Easter cards that I received. The first card is from Anonymous Friend.

 Maria sent me this card. A basket of bunnies, so cute.

 This is from The Easter Bunny!

Hope you like,

08 October 2011

Sad but not down hearted.

I did not get up this morning to watch the match (scroll down and see last post) but Ireland still lost to Wales. :(
Well done Wales, continue to play like you did today and you will go far.

Todays installment brings us to St. Patrick's Day. In this lot I received cards from Leprechauns that don't even have proper names. lol.

First up, is a card from My Anonymous Friend. Four leaf Clover is dry embossed and then coloured in different green colours. The image is a really cute House Mouse Stamp (I think, if I am wrong let me know and I will correct).

 Next up is from 1/2 Irish Leprechaun. I really like this card the backing paper, just behind the sentiment is hand made. It is divided into grids and each little square in stamped with a single shamrock and a little group of shamrock. I also like the way the sentiment is "torn" and inked.

Lastly (but only because this is how they were uploaded) is from Leprechaun #13. This is special because of the 3D printed sentiment on velum. Velum is something I have not tried using but would love to give a go. An other thing added to my ever extending "to try" list. lol It also has a lucky leprechaun on the inside, not shown here.

See I told you they were weirdly named. lol

Hope you like,

07 October 2011

Slow brain night!

Tonight my computer is going very slow but that's ok as my brain matches it. lol

For tonight we have, taada:

Valentines Cards.
The first one here is from my Anonymous Friend. The "smiley" heart in the middle is heat embossed and is really shiny and raised. Nicely tactile.
 The photo above and below are part of my SPs Valentines package. I love ribbon and she has sent me loads which I just love. Aren't the big hearts so cute?
 This card in from ???? I still do not have a clue, and it was not from my hubby or Sonny. Its a mystery! But a lovely card. I really like the heart embossed border down the side. Thank you who ever you are for sending it. xoxoxo

I have a busy day ahead tomorrow.  It could start as early as 6am (but will not), Ireland are playing Wales in the Rugby World Cup at that time, but as it's being played in New Zealand the time is perfect for them. I find that any time I watch an important match the team I support looses, so that is the reason I am staying in bed in the morning. That's my excuse and I am sticking to it!!! lol

After the excitement of the match there is junior rugby practice to attend but I will only be there for a few minutes as I have to go to a neighbours house for "The Stations".
This is where Mass is said in the house and the local villagers are welcome to attend. "The Stations" passes from one house to another twice a year. We had our a few years ago and will not have it again for another decade or so. It is a very big thing here. The house in which "The Stations" are being held in usually gets painted and decorated. All the best china and silver is taken out cleaned and used for the day because after Mass has being said, there is food and lovely things to eat for all. Yummy!

After that, (if I can still stand. lol) I have to go to the local town to help with a flag day to raise funds for our - yes you have guessed it - our Rugby club. lol  It will be Rugby from morning to night tomorrow. Lucky us!

Hope you like,

06 October 2011

What happened to yesterday?!

Yeah! What happened to yesterday, I had intended to post each day but yesterday passed me by in a blink. :( Not funny at all.
Oh! Yes I watched "Twilight" it was on TV last night. Doh! The Books are so much better. I think that goes for all books V films. I cannot think of one film that was better than the book. Let me know if you think of any and we can discuss - only joking about the discussing part. :)

I want to welcome my new followers, I still notice the new "faces" popping up in my followers list. I shall be back to visit you. lol


This is my birthday card and gift I received from  my SP.  I have used the little monkey note book to write down information about my fathers family I am trying to do a genealogy search for him, it is interesting but very time consuming.

I have seen this type of "stringy" twine before but I often wondered how to use it on a card and here it is used perfectly. It feels so soft and gives a blizzard effect. Beautiful.

I also received this superb calendar. Each month has its own page with complementary embellishments. It is sitting on my desk and it is most useful. It all stands (when not spread out like this) on a CD disc cover. I will be ordering another for next year! lol

Hope you like,

04 October 2011

Second installment of SPs cards.

Very imaginative name for a post! But as it says here is the second installment of cards I received over the past year.

I have now come to Christmas and my Birthday, these cards and pressies are from my Anonymous Friend.  Cannot wait to find out who she is. I love the tri-fold card and I have since made a few of them, even Hubby was impressed with in!

 This is the Christmas Card that came with the package. Aren't the dancing Santas so cute. I have since found out that they are Nellie Snellen dies.

Hope you like,

03 October 2011

Secret Pals!

A year ago, well 51 weeks ago to be precise, I decided to take part in a year long Secret Pals swap over on Paper Craft Planet's Anything Goes Discussion. During the past year I have made lots of virtual friends and received lots of lovely cards and presents from my Secret Pal and other still unknown people.
As the year will be up next Monday, 10th October, I would love to share the creations that I received and also if I have time show you some of the creations I made using items for the presents I received.

This is one of the first cards I received from an "Anonymous Friend", look at all the colorful snowflakes she sent along to me. When I received this card, we did not have any snow yet but by the end of the winter we had too much show. lol But that does not take away from the lovely snowflakes here.

This card is the first I received from my "official" Secret Pal. The card is lovely, but I have to still figure out if the image is to represent me at my computer or is a clue to what my SP (Secret Pal) does for a living! It is coming up to the season where I can use some of the gifts she sent. Looking forward to that.

I just want to add, to this post, an update on your "chimney sweep" fiasco. See here for initial post. Today BIL came and got down the brush from the chimney that has being stuck up there for the past 2 weeks. Because of that we have not being able to light a fire in the house. Luckily the weather did not warrant a fire yet! Phew. lol

Hope you like,