03 October 2011

Secret Pals!

A year ago, well 51 weeks ago to be precise, I decided to take part in a year long Secret Pals swap over on Paper Craft Planet's Anything Goes Discussion. During the past year I have made lots of virtual friends and received lots of lovely cards and presents from my Secret Pal and other still unknown people.
As the year will be up next Monday, 10th October, I would love to share the creations that I received and also if I have time show you some of the creations I made using items for the presents I received.

This is one of the first cards I received from an "Anonymous Friend", look at all the colorful snowflakes she sent along to me. When I received this card, we did not have any snow yet but by the end of the winter we had too much show. lol But that does not take away from the lovely snowflakes here.

This card is the first I received from my "official" Secret Pal. The card is lovely, but I have to still figure out if the image is to represent me at my computer or is a clue to what my SP (Secret Pal) does for a living! It is coming up to the season where I can use some of the gifts she sent. Looking forward to that.

I just want to add, to this post, an update on your "chimney sweep" fiasco. See here for initial post. Today BIL came and got down the brush from the chimney that has being stuck up there for the past 2 weeks. Because of that we have not being able to light a fire in the house. Luckily the weather did not warrant a fire yet! Phew. lol

Hope you like,


Andaje said...

Amazing how fast the year has went by isn't it? But a lot of laughs, crying on shoulders, smiles... really define a great bunch of ladies.

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