07 October 2011

Slow brain night!

Tonight my computer is going very slow but that's ok as my brain matches it. lol

For tonight we have, taada:

Valentines Cards.
The first one here is from my Anonymous Friend. The "smiley" heart in the middle is heat embossed and is really shiny and raised. Nicely tactile.
 The photo above and below are part of my SPs Valentines package. I love ribbon and she has sent me loads which I just love. Aren't the big hearts so cute?
 This card in from ???? I still do not have a clue, and it was not from my hubby or Sonny. Its a mystery! But a lovely card. I really like the heart embossed border down the side. Thank you who ever you are for sending it. xoxoxo

I have a busy day ahead tomorrow.  It could start as early as 6am (but will not), Ireland are playing Wales in the Rugby World Cup at that time, but as it's being played in New Zealand the time is perfect for them. I find that any time I watch an important match the team I support looses, so that is the reason I am staying in bed in the morning. That's my excuse and I am sticking to it!!! lol

After the excitement of the match there is junior rugby practice to attend but I will only be there for a few minutes as I have to go to a neighbours house for "The Stations".
This is where Mass is said in the house and the local villagers are welcome to attend. "The Stations" passes from one house to another twice a year. We had our a few years ago and will not have it again for another decade or so. It is a very big thing here. The house in which "The Stations" are being held in usually gets painted and decorated. All the best china and silver is taken out cleaned and used for the day because after Mass has being said, there is food and lovely things to eat for all. Yummy!

After that, (if I can still stand. lol) I have to go to the local town to help with a flag day to raise funds for our - yes you have guessed it - our Rugby club. lol  It will be Rugby from morning to night tomorrow. Lucky us!

Hope you like,


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