20 November 2011

No Christmas cards ready yet......

Yeah! I had the whole day to myself. No hubby or Sonny to look after, checking to see that he (Sonny) was not swinging out of the light fittings or watching too much TV. I was going to make a start on my Christmas cards and maybe a gift or two. But instead of doing that, I got lost in blog land, why does this always happen to me? But I did come across a wonderfully written blog, not craft related at all, the blog is written by a Doctor, a GP, and he talks of the people he encounters in his day to day clinic.  He just describes the suffering some people go through and the strenght these people have. The love of those around them and how it helps the sufferer. It was just so beautifully written and from the heart, I could not stop reading.

This week I have to get down to business and get some Christmas stuff done. I should have time, as my part-time job is coming to an end for the season, that's the problem with working and living in a tourist area, the jobs dry up for the winter.

Since the Secret Pal swap has finished on PCP, I have received some other gifts and cards from both my Anonymous Friend and the person I was Special Friend too.
The first is from the person I was sending to as Special Friend, Anne, in fact I received it before the "big Reveal" she had guessed it was me.

The second photo is a "load" of goodies I received from Maria who was my Anonymous Friend for the year.

Thank you both, I love both the packages.

Hope you like,


Andaje said...

It was just a couple of weeks before the big reveal, that I guessed that you were my Special Friend :o) Love those cards you sent my way

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