15 June 2012

Fathers Day approaching fast.

So yesterday, I decided to make some Fathers Day cards. I got the idea from the PCP Newsletter, Susanna Boyd had a video showing how to make them. She made it look so simple that I just had to give it it a try, in fact a made a few of them.

 and this is a throw back to the 70's. lol

I know that there are lots of origami shirts out there but this was much simpler, not much folding. wow, I sound so lazy, :0, don't like cutting now I don't like folding. lol

I sent one, like the top one, to my Dad yesterday and this morning I received a text from my Mom - background story: last Christmas when my father was very ill and spent so much time in hospital, he lost loads of weight so now all his clothes are falling off him but he hates shopping - thanking me for sending the card, and that she is going to frame it hang it where he can see it when he is getting dressed. :0
Yeah! we have  a strange family!

Hope you like,


Andaje said...

I used Susannas tutorial for my Father's Day card too - and also a confirmation card 2½ month ago ....
Well your family is not wierd - your parents obviously liked your smashing card so much that they wanted it as a reminder :o)

Grá O'Neill said...

Fabulous cards, especially love the 70's vibe :)

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