01 August 2012

No eye candy, just words....

Today is 31st of July, it is in my (school) books the last day of Summer, but what a day, it looked and sounded like November, all except the temperature.  The wind howled, the rain lashed against the windows but it was still warm enough to wear a t-shirt.

Did you ever feel like you had to get away, even just for a few hours?
Well I do, every so often I need a break. I love where I live, love the sea and the mountains - even on November days, lol.
So that's what I did today after work.
I needed to get the car insured instead of doing it on-line I drove to the brokers about 40mins away, not too far but away from here!

Sonny came with me.
Up to a few months ago the car was a place we could just chat, listen to the radio or some music, just spend some time together but not now,
 he is a teenager.
 So while I drove and listened to the Beatles on CD he sat in the front passenger seat with the hood of his jacket up, head-phones on, and his sun-glasses,  remember the day is like November, wet and dull. And hardly a word between us. It was funny really.
How they change, from boy to teenager, almost over night!

On our way back we stopped at Inch Beach, it is a beautiful sandy beach that stretches for miles, like a finger out into Dingle Bay. This is Sonny's favourite beach and it was his intention to go for a run but when we got there it was so wet and windy he decided not to, so instead we went for dinner! From fitness to filling in one foul swoop. lol
We sat by the window looking out at the wet, the sea with its thundering waves and the wind-surfers dancing over them almost fluidly. We watched the seagulls glide effortlessly in the wind, while little birds on the ground were been (almost) blown over. We watched people dressed in winter gear heading out for a walk and young children running in from the sea in their swimming gear after been tossed about in the shallows - after all it is their summer holidays!

Quite an interesting sight really.

Now I as sitting here listening to the wind and rain as I am sure I will do for many months to come.


The seasons as I knew them
Have simply gone away
They all seem to come now
In or around just one day

Spring arrived yesterday tea time
Then summer arrived with the moon
Autumn in the earlier hours of this morn
And winter came today around noon
                                                        by Luckilye

Hope you like,


Faye said...

I really enjoyed reading this post Vicky. xx

Mary Gregor said...

Love the poem
Sound Like Wisconsin Weather too.

Ruth said...

Hi Vicky, I read your post and it is funny how they change - I have 2 sons!
Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll let you know when and where the dies will be available if you like, Ruth :)

Petra said...

Loved this post, it's nice just to write and not post anything sometimes :)

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