29 February 2012

Something I'll not be able to do for another 4 years......

......write a blog post on the 29th February. HaHa.

Happy Leap Day to all.

There are lots of traditions surrounding the 29th of Feb, mostly regarding women asking their man to marry them. Here is an Irish tale,

 Legend has it that St. Brigid of Kildare, a fifth-century Irish nun, asked St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, to grant permission for women to propose marriage after hearing complaints from single women whose suitors were too shy to propose. Initially, he granted women permission to propose only once every seven years, but at Brigid's insistence, he acquiesced and allowed proposals every leap day. The folk tale suggests that Brigid then dropped to a knee and proposed to Patrick that instant, but he refused, kissing her on the cheek and offering a silk gown to soften the blow. The Irish tradition therefore dictates that any man refusing a woman's leap-day proposal must give her a silk gown. From Huffpost Weddings
I suppose it is appropriate that the Irish tradition included both St Brigid whose feast day is in Feb and St Patrick whose feast day is in March.  Huffpost Weddings also writes about other leap year wedding traditions.


Yesterday was my niece's birthday, time is flying, it seem only like 5 years ago when I was changing her nappies etc, but it was 23 years ago. :0
Even if I say so myself, she has turned into a lovely woman. Of course her parents are to be responsible for that, I was just passed through her life every-so-often. lol
Here is the card I made for her. The photo is not the best, I know I have said this before but I must organise a light box for taking photos in all weathers and at any time.
The card itself was meant to be much simpler that it turned out. I had an accident, while stamping the sentiment there was a tiny blob of ink on one corner of the block, (stamp was acrylic and I had to mount it on a block) and when I stamped the sentiment, I accidental marked the top of the card. :(  To cover that up I had to add the blue ribbon on top then to finish it off I added the "bling", the little gems.

I embossed the bottom 1/3 of the card using Swiss dots Cuttlebug embossing folder.  The "present" is just a square of metallic card embossed with another cuttlebug embossing folder.  I add the ribbon and bow to look like a wrapped gift.  The sentiment was then stamped straight on to the card. It is hard to see in the photo but there is another ribbon just above the "swiss dots".

I printed out the inside sentiment onto ordinary cardstock and used nestibilities labels 4 to cut it out, this sentiment is a freebie from Create with TLC.

Cardstock: DCWV Hippie Chic Cardstock.
Embossing folders: Cuttlebug - Swiss dots and D'vine Swirl
Ribbon: Local haberdasheries.
Bow: Papermania - Capsule collection.
Stamp:Papermania - Clear stamps Sentiments.
Ink: Archival ink
Bling: Papermania - Adhesive Gems

Hope you like,


claire7q said...

Phew, that's a relief - thought you were going to say you couldn't have any chocolate for 4 years! Just about fainted!
Didn't realise our Bridget was quite THAT old.... always knew she was a bit forward though.
Beautiful card - and the ribbon looks like it was always meant to be there :D

Anne-Marie said...

Have to agree with Claire....oh, can't believe I just wrote that!....and that ribbon was meant to be where it is...sometimes accidents can be happy...ha!
Love that embossing...always adds a bit of class, in my opinion. :D

Andaje said...

Wow - here in little DK, the 24th is the leapday (not the 29th) and that's the day where women can propose to their boyfriends ( one of my BFFs did that 4 years ago - and the same day just happens to be her birthday).... if the man says no, he is to give the lady 12 pairs of gloves

Vicky said...

LOL oh my 12 pairs of gloves, what ever for, just as long as they are not for washing up thats ok. lol
Why the 24th? Anne

Grá O'Neill said...

Lovely card, the D'vine Swirls embossing folder is one of my favourites :)

Andaje said...

Well you have your Irish tradition about the silk gown - here it is 12 silk gloves. That tradition is said to be derived from an old decrete by Queen Margareth of Scotland - and the high society in this country addapted that as a tradition

And the 24th: According to the original Roman calendar, February was the last month (no not last month of the year) to only have 23 days. A 24th was added to make the number of days fit a year. Later When Ceasar intoduced the Julian calendar he kept February 24th as the leap day and consequently this was also kept when the Gregorian calendar (our current calendar) was introduced

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