01 February 2012

Spring Time!

Today, 1st of February is also the first day of Spring.  We can now look forward to seeing young lambs frolicking around the fields and baby rabbits hopping about. Do you know, that a baby rabbit is not called bunny but kitten or kit? 

Also snowdrops will be popping out of the ground followed shortly by daffodils.

It marks the start of the pastoral year where sowing and ploughing begins. But here, in our area, is not arable farming but dairy farms, so we have the added pleasure of having the surrounding fields spread with slurry, for those that do not know what slurry is, it is the waste from the sheds where the cattle are over-wintered, you can imagine the smell, is not very nice! It is spread as a natural fertilizer for the fields that have being set aside for grass.

The best thing we can look forward to is warmer drier weather, bliss, though we cannot complain about the temperatures for this past winter, it was extremely mild but very wet the exact opposite to last year where we froze our "butts" off" along with pipes and roads. lol

In pagan times, today was a festival day, "Festival of Spring" but since Christianity we celebrate St Brigid's day, (Lá le Bríde) and the coming of Spring.

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Grá O'Neill said...

Happy St. Brigid's Day! The light is fantastic here, if only I had something ready to photograph :)

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