05 May 2012

Family Day

We celebrated our 6th Family day two weeks ago.
 Family Day is a day we set aside for ourselves,  we keep it to 22nd April because that is the date we, the 3 of us, came home from Ukraine to start family life together.
This year it fell on a Sunday, the 3 of us were free and there wasn't any matches on or any other disruptions.

A few weeks ago I asked Sonny what he wanted to do on the day, he said that he would like to go to the Aquarium. We had not been there for a few years even though it is only in the road, sorted. "A fish(watching)ing we will go"
He wanted salad for dinner - I went WHAT, salad. He went yes, salad, salad it was. Hubby wanted chicken legs!!!
We had salad for starters - a green salad, bacon and egg salad and a Greek salad. That did us for both starters and veg with main course. Main course was roasted marinaded chicken legs and roast potatoes (with salad!). Then for desert, my choice, stewed pears with (homemade) chocolate sauce. It was a yummy scrumcious dinner, if a little unorthodox.

We headed to the Dingle Oceanworld (Aquarium).
Here are a few photos of the afternoon.  What is the last thing a photographer should do before leaving home? Yes, check batteries. When I went in and turned on camera the battery low indications started flashing so you will have to forgive photos, the quality is not 100%, we were not allowed to use flash and also you have to understand that we were taking photos again glass, in some you have a some reflection. Now that my excuses have been made have a look!

  A very nice Piranha!

Don't remember what this one is, but it is a nice colour!

Coral Reef and it inhabitants. There are some beautifully coloured fish here but they were all moving so fast all I could get was a blur! (Low battery problem! ;0)

I was a little disappointed with this tank, the last time we were there there was a lot more fish and it seemed brighter. Said this to Sonny - his answer," the sharks eat the other fish". D'oh! I thik they were in a bad mood, they would not pose for any photos - hence they are blurry! (Actually one looks like a "flying saucer")

These just looked nice.

These kill by inflecting poison into there prey.
This one  looked like an elderly lady dressed in flowing chiffon.

Another one that looked nice but I cannot remember what its name is!

These are what we came to see. Penguins, I took lots of photos but the glass was so wet they were not great, will have to go back and get better ones another day. I don't know what it is about Penguins but every time I see some either on TV, magazines or in real life, I break into a real big silly grin. :) They were so funny, they swam and they were playing (interacting) with the people while they were swimming around and if one of them caught you looking at them, they would come up to the glass and stare back.
Hope they were having fun too!

After the Aquarium, Sonny and I watched a movie together, Hubby had to get some work done. It was a lovely FAMILY day.

Hope you like,


Anne-Marie said...

Looks and sounds like you had a fabby day....congratulations on being a family! What a lovely idea to have a celebration Family it!
Good job I wasn't with you...watchin' fish makes me go to sleep...haaaa!

Andaje said...

Love the penguin shot - the water on the glass almost makes the photo 3D....
Ukraine?? Whereabouts in Ukraine??

Birdie said...

With Andaje on the Ukraine. I vote for the photo above those silly penguins. Looks as if the mouth is half the body, can envision it hinging back to swallow little fishy whole. Love the idea of family day and menu sounded great - especially desert ;)

Sabriel said...

Family days are lovely, aren't they :D Love your underwater pics!

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