10 July 2012

So what's new?

Off today, so I will catch up with you all.

Not much happening in my little world, weather all over the place but not much summer here.  Haven't even been to the beach this year! What's that about?

Have you ever heard the saying "if you want something done, ask someone who is busy" don't know where it comes from but is so true.

For most of the past 6 years I have not been working and have been getting lazier and lazier by the year, seriously. Everything gets put on the long finger because it could be done tomorrow. But as I have been working for the past week and a half, yep that's all, but I have gotten more house work done in that time than I have in the previous month. Today I am off and this morning I was out gardening, well clearing rubbish from borders that were meant for flowers at one time. That was something that I had intended to do early in spring so I could have some colour in the garden this year other than green and yellow - weeds and dandelions. :) Won't have much colour this summer either but at least I have started something. Even worked in the rain. Go me!!!!!!


Last post I mentioned that I had taken part in two tea swaps and showed what I had received and sent in the first swap. This time I am going to show the second swap.  The criteria for this swap was "Tea Pots"

This is the card I received.

And the inside,

I forgot to take a photo of the card I sent out, but have asked the recipient to send me a copy of the photo she took of it, once i get it I will upload to here. It was a cute card even if I say so myself. lol

Hope you like,


Faye said...

Vicky, the embossing behind the cute teapot gives a lovely feeling on depth here. Fabbo stuff. xx

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