26 March 2012

"Every cloud" 'nd all ...

Today's blog is not craft or card related, just thoughts and reminiscing.

As the saying goes "Every Cloud has a Silver Lining".

Just over a week ago we were preparing for our sons confirmation. We painted the ceiling in the kitchen on Thursday, on Friday, I went into the hot press to find that the timber around the hot water tank was wet! Yep, our tank had sprung a leak. That in itself was bad enough but the hot press is situated over the kitchen - yeah you guessed it, the newly painted ceiling had a brand new major water stain. Bummer.

Now for the silver lining -

I had to remove lots of clothing and "stuff" from the press including a box of clothes.  Clothes that I had put away "in case I would wear them again".  I emptied the box just to see what was in there and low and behold there was my wedding garter in the bottom, now this is something I had never intended in wearing again so I have no idea why it ended up in this particular box! In fact I had forgotten that I still had it. We celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary last November.

This made me think about  the other wedding cloths I still had.
My dress is still hanging in the wardrobe, my shoes are back in their box on the top shelf of another wardrobe. We got married in November; I had a little jacket to wear over my dress, that too in hanging in the wardrobe.  I did not wear a full veil in stead I wore a hat with a veil at the back and that hat is in its box on top of "the" wardrobe. What do I do with them?

I wore the hat again to my SIL wedding, also put on the shoes but they were so uncomfortable that I had to come home again after the church to change them. lol
The dress and jacket was a present from  my mother, she got it made for me. It was made with the intention of shortening it and dyeing it so it could be worn again as a "going out" dress and the bottom of the skirt would have being made into a christening robe. Now, as it happens, we never had birth children so we never needed a christening robe.

I have thought about selling them or giving them to a charity shop but I just cannot do it, it was such an important day that I just cannot bring myself to get "rid" of them. So I think they will remain in the wardrobes and my garter shall join them.

Hope you like,


Anne-Marie said...

Vicky, you definitely need to keep them safe. They will give you so much pleasure, in the years to come, believe me.
My daughters have all hung on to all their wedding clothes...white dresses and veils by the mile!
Ken and I had to pay for our own wedding....his Dad was out of work, and my parents still had 3 kids at home, and not much money...I borrowed my white dress and veil, and bought a pair of white shoes for 19s 11d.....under a pound...which was actually quite expensive in they were the only things that I planned to keep to remember my lovely, special day...and they were stolen at the reception!
All I have is half a dozen black and white hang on to your treasures!

Andaje said...

Vicky I say hang on to it too... I have seen soo many just getting rid of things like that only to regret it very much afterwards. Is that storage box truely in your way?? Sounds like it was put away like a treasure to surface once in a while :o)

Birdie said...

I'm with the other two - do NOT get rid of! Some things just bring back happy memories.

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