21 March 2012

St Patricks Day Parade

Last Saturday was 17th March and being Irish we celebrated St Patrick's Day.  As usual we headed to Dingle for the local parades. Here are a few photos of our VERY local parade.

Of course we have to start off with "our" St Patrick!
A "lazy" trad. band taking a ride instead of marching. lol With the regulation Leprachaun in the back of the trailer.

Another mode of transport! You cannot see here but there is a little chimney in the caravan and the fire was lighting, as it passed you could smell the turf burning - either that or it was burning rubber!

Along came "Jedward" to entertain the crowd.

A more up-to-date mode of transport.

We had some local wild life.

More domesticated animals (A special Kerry Cow). lol

And, here, to round up our parade, some drum music, not very Irish but good. :)

That is just a short version of our parade. Being a local parade there was lots of other groups and businesses represented, too many to show here.  It was a fun day and the weather for once was not blisteringly cold or wet.

Hope you like,  


Anne-Marie said...

Looks like a lorra fun!
Jedward are not ageing well, are they?...haaa!
Love the caravan...did you get a ride?

Birdie said...

How fun!

Andaje said...

I missed out on the local parade in Copenhagen as I was called out travelling.....maybe next year

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